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Procrastinators, Unite!


I have been pushing back the time I thought I would need to record my part in VC5 for weeks now, and I am so relieved to have submitted…early…? Haha! Well, early for me anyway.
Any other procrastinators relieved by how user-friendly/speedy the learning and recording process is?
I was able to record Level 1 and Level 2 in less than a half-an-hour with a few rerecording sessions!

Happy last-minute submissions!



my problem is not only procrastinating. i don thave a good black backround.
i feel awkward on camera i have sung plenty of times before. im not nervous about solos and do well in my voice lessons. but being filmed!
i just want this because this is helping me learn about music. i learned a lot from this site. i didnt get to participate in the previous virtual choirs because i had no webcam at all


I just finished mine this morning and submitted it. I guess it was Eric’s email yesterday saying I only had two more days to do it. At least it’s done now. :slight_smile:


The backgrounds can be tricky, but I do empathize with you. Seeing your face and then watching it sing back to you is a little unnerving!


Yes! Just got mine in! <high-five!>


You are going to make it happen though aren’t you Fluttershy? :wink: I completely understand the self conscious aspect. Background… black card taped together, strategic positioning of a black piece of clothing. Good luck.


I used some black fabric thrown over the top of a door for my background.


My time stamp on my videos must be GMT and it says 2:22 am on June 27th! So technically, I got my videos done on the last day. LOL I was waiting for the technical issues to be resolved before I attempted recording. Got them done with no issues! Woo Hoo!


Hi ho procrastinators! Charge!!! I actually hate being in this group, but vacation started 2 days after being announced. Ugh! Level 1 in, level 2 to go. Weeee


17hrs to go and I won’t have a chance for 12hrs to record. Here’s to the last minute submissions! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


My name is Boo. My Daddy is helping me write this. I’m 4! And I am doing this! My middle name is Whitacre, because I was born shortly after Virtual Choir 4 premiered, and my parents wanted me named after someone that could unite the world through music! I got to meet Eric when I was 4 months old. Now I can sing on my own, and I love to make music! I’m so excited about participating!!


Go Boo! Lets do this! -Daddy


Hey Boo! This is us a year and half ago. Can’t wait to be singing with you and your mommy and daddy!


My timestamp is about the same. Looks like we were virtually singing at the same time last night, Elizabeth!


It’s 1am here in Australia and I’ve just had to record Level 1 at the tenor/bass octave so I didn’t wake my family!


Got to be one of my favorite post on the forum.
You go Boo!!


Haha! Hopefully you can go higher with the extension.


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in Australia too and that’s probably when I’ll end up doing my recording too haha!


That is so cool!