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Procrastinators, Unite!


I couldnt find my old black sheet (4 bucks at walmart) so I took two music stands and threw mt long black dress over it. I do know of another fellow VCer who took every black piece of clothing she had and taped it up to create a dark background. When in doubt, head to the dollar store and pick up two pieces of black poster board…best buck you will spend!


I had great trouble with the recording process, and in fact after hours I only got my one first test run through (without the black background) to EVER record. So since my time was running out… I thought… before the deadline got extended… I just had to submit what I had. Maybe the time extension saved me from going crazy and trying for 3 more days!! Now of course I can’t try any more, but I wish what I put in was up to my standards. Which it certainly was not. Happy recording, everybody, hope you have better luck than I did!!


Good on you for pushing through and getting it in! I’m sure they can work their magic on whatever we submit :stuck_out_tongue: (at least that’s what I’m hoping :smiley: )


Only 4 hours and 46 minutes and 30 seconds left!


I’d already submitted!