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Meet the Choir. Why did you join Virtual Choir 5?


Where have you signed up from? Are you a singer? Share your story with other members of the VC5 Community.


I signed up via the e-mail I got from Eric! I’ve been part of Virtual Choir 4 before and really wanted to experience that same magical feeling again, so here I am, 5 years older and wiser, ready to be part of the Deep Field! :heart:


Hey All! Tenor from Ohio, USA. This is the first VC I’ve been a part of but I’ve always loved Eric Whitacre. His understanding of complex harmonies has always impressed me. I’ve also been incredibly interested in aleatoric music since I was a performance/education major in college, so this has been such a great experience to be a part of!



My name is Léa i’m from France i’m 18 years old, nice to meet you all!
I participated after seeing Eric Whitacre’s post on instagram!! i’ve always wanted to be part of the Virtual Choir so i almost panicked when i saw his post lol. I’m a singer and guitar player but i also want to compose music for movies and video games someday :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m James from Virginia, USA. I love the idea of the virtual choir because my school’s choir program is very lacking, as well as my choir in church. While I was able to grow my talents there in childhood, I had become disappointed lately for putting in effort, only to see little results because you can’t have a strong, full choir without broad participation & this is about as good as that gets!! I’ve been a long-time VC fan because of the excellent sound put out & I wanted to be a part of something as beautiful as that.
The survey we took “for science” following submissions, it asked questions like “do you feel a connection with other members of the virtual choir similarly to that of an in-person choir?” At the time, the idea seemed a bit ridiculous, but this forum is a great way to execute it, & I look forward to getting to know who I’m singing with!!


Hi I am from Florida! First time doing virtual choir with Eric although I have done one before with someone else. I always wanted to do one of his but kept putting it off! I am an Alto. I sing in my church choir and sing with The Florida Worship Choir and Orchestra. I will be joining another choir in the fall that does Broadway Show Music. I can’t wait to hear the final product of this project!


Broadway fan here- is this a show choir, or just a choir where your entire repertoire consists of musical theatre numbers?


No not a show choir just sing the music amongst other things. I was in Show Business when I was a child in NYC so it is close to my heart.


Hi all. I’m Perry-Mason Adams. From South Africa. Signed up for VC5 from the email I got from Eric! I’m so excited for this as I have seen past VC videos and it gave me goosebumps :heart_eyes:. I’m currently completing my BCom Accounting honours degree and I’m in my second year of studying classical voice at Rhodes University. I joined VC because I would like to be part of the magic! :dancer:


I am from Norfolk, Nebraska, a relatively small town 120 miles northwest of Omaha. I began singing in church and school when I was about 10 which means I’ve been singing in groups and solo for around 55 years. In that time I’ve been involved in any number of choirs, choruses, small groups, musical theater and solo performing.

I was introduced to Virtual Choir around the time of VC2 and thought it was an incredible thing. I didn’t right away think it was something I could do for a variety of reasons. VC3 came out and I did a bit more research and realized that the singers were not professionals but ordinary people just like me. (Well, maybe not as strange, but you know what I mean. :smile: ) I decided if there was another one, I’d give it a try. I was by then following one of the singers in a previous VC on Facebook and when she mentioned on her page that VC4 was taking submissions I signed up right away.

I fumbled my way through getting a part recorded, including buying a new webcam and learning how to use it. I got involved in the forum on the site and trying to help where I could and getting to know many of the participants. Since then I joined the group on Facebook and became friends, real friends, with many of the people there. Some, very close friends. I’ve since met some of them in person from both here in the U.S. and around the world and hope to meet many more.

All things considered, this has been the most positive thing that’s happened in my life.


I am from Arkansas, USA. I did VC2 as well. I was involved in choir from elementary school to college and now that I am out of college, I miss singing in a choir so much so I am excited to be a part of one again!


Email arrived through the university, and I liked the mix of music and cosmology. (I’m currently working for a PhD in Musicology at the University of Bristol, UK, - as a mature PGR.)

Conductor or orchestras & choirs, formerly freelance professional horn-player, harpsichordist/organist, teacher (theory, conducting, organ, horn). First class hons. BA from Canterbury Christ Church University, and have qualifications from the Royal College of Organists and the Royal School of Church Music. Alongside music I also worked in IT (deep operating system stuff), have been pursuing a degree with the Open University in Physics and Maths - but it’s taking a back seat for a while, as I get through the PhD.


What a wonderful story!!! Thanks for sharing it!! <3


Hello Everyone,
First virtual choir for me. Eric Whitacre composes beautiful music and I am thrilled to be part of this endeavor. I sing the Fairfield County Chorale under David Rosenmeyer, and the Camerata d’ Amici under Kristin Sponheim. I have play classical guitar and currently have compositions by Andrew York, Antonio Lauro, Tarrega and Granados on my music stand. I live in Westport, Ct and I practise architecture.


My name is Angie Campbell and I’m from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. When I first saw “Lux” I was blown away by the concept and the sound and the combined energy and effort coming from all those voices from all over the world! I had to become apart of it! I’ve sung in a number of choirs and smaller groups, so I quickly went to Eric’s website and joined the band wagon with “Water Night” and “Fly to Paradise”. I had been waiting patiently for VC5 to happen so I’m very excited to be apart of this too!


I live in the bucolic splendor of Rhode island, USA. I saw the TED talk a few years ago and was intrigued. Even though I am a vocalist in the same sense that a woodpecker is a carpenter, it looks like fun. So there you have it.


Joe Horizon from Chicago, IL USA.
I’m a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and singer. No claims to being any good at any of it.
Being part of the virtual choir is very exciting and unique. Great to be part of history and a community of great singers.


I am George and from Whitby Ontario Canada. I am an educational technology coach for the Durham District School Board. I was forwarded this by a music teacher who talked about the idea of putting together a virtual concert band of all band students at all our schools. If I am going to attempt that I need to immerse myself in it which is why I joined.

Plus I love the ethereal quality of Eric’s music. So much modern music is brutal. This is not. His music reminds me of when I used software to slow Allegri’s Miserere down 100 times. It sounded like the voices of angels.

I can’t wait to see what the final product looks and sounds like!



My name is Tinúviel and I’m from Boston, MA, USA. I am a classically trained versatile musician and composer. I was first introduced to Eric Whitacre’s extraordinary and beautiful music 5 years ago, and I was swept over with emotion upon discovering his Virtual Choir. Words cannot express enough how amazing it is that he has brought the world together in song. It is unspeakably beautiful. I am so grateful to be a part of his phenomenal project with each and every one of you!


Hi - i‘m Elisabeth :blush: from the uk originally from where I participated in VC 2, 3 and 4 - which I loved!! Currently living in Germany so I‘ll be posting from there this time :blush: I think the Virtual choir idea is an amazing one - getting to sing with people from all over the world to create something unique and beautiful :heart_eyes: So proud to be a part! Thanks Eric!!! (And the Incredible team involved)