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Meet the Choir. Why did you join Virtual Choir 5?


Hi All, I am Tammy From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I am a singer and participated in VC4, great experience. I loved being a part of it. So glad to be a part of VC5. Although a different experience this time. I am anxious to see the final project. I am already looking forward to VC6. haha!


Why? Ever since I sat and cried at the AGO in Toronto listening to “Lux Arumque” I’ve wanted to do this. I have sung in good choirs my entire life, from 6 to 60 and your music and involvement, Eric, is the perfection of choral singing. Thank you for believing in yourself.


My name is Sue, from Yellowknife in the north of Canada. I have taken part in several of the previous virtual choirs and enjoyed the experience. Each time it becomes simpler to learn the music and submit a recording, though I think I enjoyed the challenge of the early ones a lot. ‘Sleep’ was my favourite so far. My brother, who lives in North Wales in the UK, had the TV switched on in his cottage one Saturday morning when he heard the virtual choir singing ‘Sleep.’ He turned to look at the TV just in time to see my face float across the screen! He was totally astonished as I hadn’t told him about it. I signed up again this year for VC5 out of curiosity to see how it has evolved. It’s awesome to play a part in such an enormous global choir community.


Hi, I’m Salli from the UK. I was involved in VC4 and loved being part of such an amazing experience - even bumped into Eric afterwards at Heathrow. So glad to get the chance to be part of VC5. The forum is a great way to meet everyone else who is part of this memorable event.


I’m from New Jersey, currently living in the “music city” of the US, Nashville. I sing lead and back-up (love harmonies). I’ve worked on a few Virtual Choirs at this point.


Hi , I’m originally from Edinburgh now living in Devon.
I sing as part of the Military Wives Choir and wanted to experience a different way of singing and see how all the elements come together to produce a unique sound. I have listened to previous Virtual Choir recordings and found them to be amazing and somewhat soothing.
I look forward to hearing Deep Field when complete.


Gene, woo hoo there’s a forum! :smiley: and it’s how we met in VC4. I was missing this component of doing VC5. :cookie::fortune_cookie: let’s see if the cookie emojis worked. LOL

Who knew that VC would bring such amazing people in our lives! I can’t even count now how many times we have met in person. :smiley: Thank goodness for VC and Eric for bring us all together.


Hi everyone! So excited to be a part of VirtualChoir5! I am living in Oregon and am a retired Air Force veteran. I have been singing most of my life, and spent most of the 21 yrs that I served in the Air Force singing the National Anthem at military events, March Madness basketball games and NHL games. Once I retired, I really fell out of the loop with singing, and longed to get back into it! I am a huge fan of Eric’s and have followed the other virtual choirs, and decided I needed to just do it! So glad I did!


How long have you been singing with the Military Wives Choir? Just curious if you have sung in other choirs and if the experience of singing with the Military Wives Choir has been different for you with the sense of community. Welcome to Virtual Choir!


Hello everyone, I’m from Whidbey Island Washington, US. This is my first virtual choir but I am a member of smule and sing with folks from around the world every day. It is such a wonderful use of technology to bring the world together through song. I’ve been in music all my life majoring first in classical then in New Music at UCSD with Pauline Oliveros and Ken Wilbur. The meld of art and science in this genre is so enriching. I’m 76 and a tenor. I’m pretty short of breath right now. I’m having heart surgery on June 28th but I’m going to give this my best shot. Thanks for being the blanket of love hugging our world.


My name is Sarah. I’m from Toowoomba, Australia. I am currently living in London, England, pursuing music experiences. I sing in the London Symphony Chorus and the West End Musical Choir. I am also recording original solo work (to be released later in the year). I’m currently studying music at university in Australia.
I wanted to be part of virtual choir after seeing previous virtual choirs. It is an innovative approach to music sharing and collaboration. I love the work of Eric Whitacre. It’s kind of old school style, mixed for a new school of thought. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I’m a recent high school graduate and future music performance student from Des Moines, Iowa. I’ve been watching the Virtual Choir videos since about VC2 and I’ve always wanted to be involved. By the time I realized anyone could do it, VC4 was already released, so I signed up for the newsletter so I could get a jump on the next one.

I’ve always been more of an instrumentalist, but I’ve always enjoyed singing in choir and unfortunately that may be coming to an end soon so I’m glad I can be a part of this now!



I’m Karen, from the UK, and I live about 50 miles North of London. Although I’m a novice, music-reader, I run a Community Singing Group. I’ve sung in a choir, a couple of times, and last year we sang Eric Whitacre’s A Boy And A Girl, so I was familiar with that piece of his work, and when I heard about the Virtual Choir, I decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately, however, my recording is coming out intermittently, so. disappointingly, I haven’t, yet, been able to submit it.

I don’t know if it’s the earphones (the only small ones I have come from my mobile phone (cell phone), and I rarely use them), and i am having to record on my mobile phone. I can’t get my laptop to record, as it says ‘hardware access denied’, though I gave permission to use the camera and microphone, when it first asked that question.

If anyone has any helpful ideas, on how to resolve this, in time to submit, I’d be really grateful. I’ve been getting so excited at the idea of being in Eric’s virtual choir!

Many thanks, in advance.


Hi I’m Mary Anna from Yuma Arizona or Reno Nevada. I sang with the Nevada Opera in Reno since I was 14 and now I’m 58yo travelling with different symphonies all over the world. I was honored to be part of Deep Space 5 because the heavens are glorious and thought I would give it a go! I recently performed the Durufle Requiem at Carnegie and just returned from Australia and took part in a ballet master class at the Sydney opera house. Keep up the good work one and all. This is a_emphasized text_ REALLY big deal!


If you are having technical issues, submit a ticket in the Support tab of the VC5 website. You will get the most uptodate info of how to resolve your situation with recording.


I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.


Hi everyone!

I’m 18 and from Michigan!
This is the first virtual choir I’ve been apart of. I started singing when I was young and I’ve been singing my way through music school.


Hi fellow space travelers/virtual choir members: Memphis Tennessee alto section here…I’ve loved Eric’s work and wanted to be a part of this one. I’m pretty blown away by the concept ever since I saw Eric’s TedTalk.

Cannot wait to see what transpires…


Hi, I sing since I was a child. When I was 3 years old I got my first fute.
Later on I took singing lessons in a music school.
I love classical music, musicals and movie tracks.
At the moment I am a member of a German chamber choir and I am part of a semiprofessional musical group.
I came in touch with virtual choir via a karaoke app. My Karaoke friends mentioned this project. I am curious how it will sound at the end


Signed up from Poulsbo, WA! Started with VC4 :slight_smile: super excited about the new project…Sopranos in space!!! (just throwing it out there. LOL!)