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Badges - have you collected them all yet?


Which did you find fun, easy, hard?

Here’s a reminder of the prizes you could win if you complete all eighteen badges.

  1. Space Passes for four people at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center. Includes lunch with an astronaut.

  2. A signed and dedicated copy of Eric’s brand-new vinyl release featuring his arrangements of Hurt and i carry your heart alongside a bundle of Choir Geeks merch.

  3. A pair of tickets to Los Angeles Master Chorale’s Big Sing California hosted by Eric. (Multiple venues in CA.)

  4. Four tickets to Eric’s concert at Carnegie Hall (New York) on April 28, 2019 promoted by Distinguished Concerts International New York. Includes meet and greet with Eric.


Got all 18 shortly after they were offered :slight_smile: I’ve always loved space and this has been great!


Yes, also got the full 18. Mostly quite an interesting selection.


All badges acquired. Some of it was a challenge and all of it was quite interesting.


I did get all my badges about a week after I submitted. Very interesting information!


I got all 18 of mine just after uploading the videos :smiley: !


Collecting the badges was fun and engaging learning, and the scientific connection makes “Deep Field” take on new dimension! It’s enjoyable to see others posting their completion of the badges to social media, and helps to foster our sense of community.


I think I’ve got them all done… I kind of wish that there was a log that shows which badges are complete. I’ve got a terrible memory and have had to go into each badge multiple times to make sure I did it. I enjoyed them a lot, though. Even shared some of my new knowledge that I learned from this with friends already!


I have all but one. The one with the order of object to the earth I can’t figure out :frowning: if you can
Help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks and so excited for this project.


I’ve got all the badges! Thanks for all the information ! :heart_eyes:


I collected all the badges. It was fun learning about space :slightly_smiling_face:


You can find the order of the planets in our solar system here:

That should hopefully help you out with the first few answers, then this brilliant image of where our solar system is within the Milky Way galaxy might be helpful for another answer (image credit: New Scientist):

Hope this is helpful! :relaxed:


Got mine! Was hard to find a place to do warm-ups without people hearing me, though! :laughing:


I got them all done the first day the website opened. I just submitted my videos today. Living near the space coast, seeing rocket and shuttle launches in person has really got me excited about space even more than before I moved here. I love how we can watch from our front lawn!


So much fun to collect all of the badges. What an enlightening experience!


If you look on your profile, it will show you which are done. :slight_smile:


So after the moon, you need to look at distance in terms of Astronomical units for the Sun and Jupiter. Our distance to the Sun is 1 AU, but our distance to Jupiter is 4.2 AU. After that, we know that the Crab nebula is inside the Milky Way, making it the next closest object. Andromeda is in our Galactic cluster. In fact, we are on a collision course with it (which wont happen for billions of more years). Then , the clue about the last one being in the Hubble ultra deep field, means that it is one of the oldest objects that we have observed, making it much further away than any of the other objects. Here is a fun video that shows distance scales really well:


All of the badges were super cool! I completed all 18 shortly after signing up. I will say the one that gave me the most grief was the “how many hexagons are there”… I thought it was a puzzle and not a direct question :joy::sweat_smile:
I think my favorite badge by far was the Deep Field rendering that had pitches associated with distance. That was a really cool way to conceptualize that lesson!


My badges are completed. What a fantastic way to learn about the universe and space and music composition!


Yes, I got them all! I love astronomy so I couldn’t resist completing them! :smile: