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Badges - have you collected them all yet?


I can’t seem to drag the choices in cosmic distance?


Thanks for those suggestions - worked on my iPad


I’ve got all of mine :slight_smile:


It’s so funny…

I have loved astronomy and everything space since I was a kid. Some 40-odd years ago I wanted to be an astronaut but my poor eyesight prevented me meeting the physical requirements back then.

Recently I’ve been able to play some neat sims and games online that make exploring space interesting and fun - even if it is just an online game. Collecting the badges was a real treat!

Then VC5 came online and when I saw the subject of the piece I had a good laugh and signed right up.

What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks Eric!


All accounted for! I loved the badge dealing with the Fibonacci use in music and reality. I’m a math major so I have explored what seems like a bottomless pit of applications for the sequence and this is yet another one! The hardest was putting the objects in order from earth. I would have been fine if I remembered that a nebula was not the same as a galaxy…


Yes, did them in one sitting (after I submitted my videos). Physics and astronomy are interests of mine, so most of the questions were pretty easy. What surprises me is that I was able to match the scientists with their instruments correctly on the first try, even though the only one I knew for certain was Einstein. I know a bit about the periods during which some of the instruments were developed, so that helped a little, but it was mostly blind luck.


Collect them all! It’s interesting that concert in Carnegie Hall is on 28, April, when is my birthday! :smiley:


Just finished all 18!! They were a ton of fun and I learned a ton I didn’t know.
+I loved the vocal exercises at the end


Yes, I have earned also 18 badges and I am very proud, because English is not my mother language and for foreigner it wasn’t that easy, I guess. But I managed it, learned a lot and now I am happy :slight_smile:


Got 'em all!


I got them all and they were fun to get! Am I right? :smiley:


Did them all, it was a fun trivia experience


Got em all just shortly before the deadline! Have they announced the winners yet?


Yes, I had to use my dictionary now and then but I could manage it and I have all the badges.


no idea. I haven’t heard something about that


The winners will probably be announced once the VC5 video is released.


Got all 18! So fun and interesting!