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USB Mic into BiaB Mac records and playsback just fine / Latency delay on next playbacks


I’m in BiaB 2022 recently upgraded from 2020. As a quick demo, I’ve recorded into the Macbook Pro going direct from a USB mic. The MacBook already has all high end sound cards inside from ProTools -
I’ve recorded 4 short vocal lines of just 4 bars each, on to 4 Utility tracks. The harmonies played back great and in synch on the playback from the recording work.

I’ve saved the song, and going back to opening the SGU, now upon playback the short vocal tracks are lagging behind time as out of synch by the 3rd and 4th bar. I might presume latency due to some audio file settings ie file driver settings ASIO, WDM, MME, but BiaB for Mac doesn’t even give the choice as its geared for the Mac Platform drivers. Also the USB mic as recorded first off played back just fine without latency. I read also this thread but can’t understand

Any ideas as to why the 4 audio track vocals recorded on 4 utility tracks would have played back in synch and time on the recording with playback as A-OK, but then after saving, the 4 audio track recordings are now lagging? Seems there must be a throw off somewhere? (er uh - Operator error… )