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Straight tone or some vibrato?


Do we sing with as straight tone as possible, or is vibrato ok? I’ve always struggled with straight tone singing, but it feels like this music is best without vibrato.


I feel like most of Whitacre’s compositions need that “white” tone. I wonder how HE feels about it. I’m like you though; if not instructed how, I will keep as much out of the voice as possible.


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Here’s Eric’s advice:

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My director in my choir says no. Vibrato is for solo work but not for a choir. In a choir the goal is to blend with the other voices.


Strongly agree, there are singers who abuse vibrato and in a choir it is not necessary unless the director specifies it.


Okay, in my own personal opinion, I like to save vibrato for when I sing solos. I’ve been in many situations where people around me use SO MUCH vibrato, it doesn’t even sound like they’re on pitch, which makes the rest of the section sound wrong (I’m a soprano). I totally agree that this kind of music needs a more straight tone, but that’s just my opinion. You can do what’s comfortable for you. Some people have vibrato in choral singing and can really pull it off!


This is handy information! Must’ve missed the link to it on the home page.