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Anyone else (sopranos) having problems with mic. distortion?


How’s everyone doing with this? My experience has been a bit frustrating, and I may have recorded 2 videos completely wrong because I didn’t realize we needed a dark background until I had submitted them. And I hope that’s not an issue to be included.
I had a lot of problems with the software and microphone distortion and had to put the levels way, way down on the soprano recording to finally get it to not distort. It was a balancing act between the dark background filling the screen and trying to place myself far from the pc and singing very quietly and not getting background noise. The alto recording I did did not have the distortion problems (except I didn’t have the dark background)
Any tips for dealing with the software for next choir? because wow, was that aggravating!


I had the same problem (I’m a tenor).
I solved using an external USB mic for recording the voice.


I am having the same problem (soprano). It starts out fine, then immediately becomes muffled, like I’m singing from far away.


In the case of sound levels dropping after starting -
It may be the app dropping the sound level
(on windows) right click sound icon in bottom right hand corner, click sound - should bring up sound properties
click on the recording tab, then right click the mic you are using - select properties.
go to levels tab - whack it up to 100
go to advanced tab and untick Allow applications to take exclusive blah blah box.
click apply.
Might work but here are other things do this.
just google : Stop windows app automatically lowering recording levels


Hi use a clip on mic or USB external. Limit background noise and frame it against black felt or black cloth. You have time to do it again.

Good luck


Yup. Unlike you I couldn’t be bothered to re-do my video over and over again to work on the sound, so I simply submitted an alto video instead.


Yes, definitely. I waited too late to get started though so I submitted the one that had the least distortion, but the alto was much better. And yes, I didn’t get the dark background right either. Oh well, at least I finally did it and if they can’t be used I’ll get my act together for the next one.


I found a clip on mic works best, but set it at right level, not to low, but not so it distorts.


I also had problems at the beginning, in a laptop the microphone distorted a lot and the image had little resolution; On another desktop computer, the camera had good resolution, good image, but not audio; on the mobile phone I could not see the director, the wallpaper was also another problem, (I had to buy a microphone with anti pop filters, a pair of super large black towels for the background, because other material shone a lot) finally what I also solved it, but it was not easy, and for so few measures I hope it was worth it. Hopefully for the successive the format will be easier.


oops didn’t realise I needed a dark background - too late now! I had some mic distortion but found it improved on my desktop rather than the laptop I first tried it on.


Yeah me too. Hope this doesn’t affect my chances of being in the choir lol


Hello everyone.
After using Google Crome browser instead of Safari and decreasing a volume of microphone in System Preferences for 50% - made it able to record in much much better sound quality.
Of course - no FULL power of Soprano voice is needed :wink:


Same here. My recording was overloaded when I used my standard earbuds first.
I tried it via IPhone and laptop. I always got terrible sound. Than I tried my external condensor USB mic (sparkling blue) but my computer didn’t realized that it’s connected.
I googled some information, but I am a slouch regarding this technical stuff.
Maybe I try it again today, but we are close to deadline, so I have no idea, if I will manage it.

Happy I managed to record Level 1 and Level 2 Alto, but I wanted to do Soprano 1 as well.
No idea, why it doesn’t work now :frowning:


Think, I got it now. I didn’t see that I had to click the top right cog in the recording field.
My standard communication was set. I changed it to microphone and did some testrecordings. Seems that it now works.
Now I only have to dress black again and turn my appartment to a black area (lol)


Yes, I had the same problem. I’ll have to see a USB microphone in the next virtual choir.