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Virtual Choir Groups on social media platforms


Hello everyone,

for Virtual Choir 4 one of the Austrian Virtual Choir members founded a group on Facebook:
It was nice to get to know some of our fellow Austrian members through. Plus we remind each other to record our videos and give each other a heads-up if there are any news. Austrian VC people, feel free to join us. :slight_smile:

Are there any other “country-specific” Virtual Choir groups on Facebook or anywhere else?
What is your experience with that?

Greets from Austria,



Hello Marlene,
I am only aware of Virtual Choir Friends on FB which formed from the earlier Virtual Choirs. It’s a wonderful community.


Hi Elizabeth, is Virtual Choir Friends still on FB? I tried to search for it, but it didn’t come up. I’d like to join that group. Thanks. Colleen


Love the VC Friends group on Facebook!!!