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VC5 Recording Question


Hello all!

I’ve already emailed Claire about this, but has anyone had any issues with saving their recording? I tried to save my video for level 1, but when I pressed “save” it would just keep recording. I also tried pressing “record” again before pressing “save”. I’ll try again tonight or tomorrow, I’m hoping it’s a website glitch. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue. Could you kindly submit a query to our Support Team on the link below and they’ll help you save and submit?

Our first advice would be to use Google Chrome on desktop if you’re not already!

VC5 Producer


I just did, thanks! :slight_smile:


I was having the same problem on my iphone. Restarting the browser/ reloading the page fixed it, but I had to do it multiple times before I got the recording I wanted.


Hey I got a problem too, the audio in my recordings sound a little distorted from my loud volume :sweat_smile:

Will this affect my eligibility to be in VC or is this fixable?


I think it is a website glitch and I had also faced this on which was due to internal error.