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This is my first VC and I am very excited!


I have been part of VCFriends for several years and taken part in two VCF videos. But, this is my very first VC! I am from Ohio, USA. I work part-time as choir director in a small Episcopal Church. I travelled to NY this past April during DCINY to finally meet many of my dear VC friends, and it was wonderful to finally be able to hug and look into the eyes of friends I love so much! I have a condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia which damages the vocal cords and I can no longer sing, which is heartbreaking for me. I thought my time as a musician was over, but we had a priest who sang at the Metropolitan Opera before being ordained. His support helped me to take up directing a choir again. The other person whose support has helped me to be a better choir director is Eric. He has encouraged me and shown me new ways of looking at music. Without these two extraordinary musicians I would never have even considered the possibility of working with a choir again. And the VC community has come up with creative ways to allow me to participate despite losing my singing voice. I love my VF family!


Such an inspiring story! :smile: This is my first time, too!


So amazing to have you sing with us this time Donna xx :grinning:


Me too! Been following, but never been able to participate until this time.


It’s my first too…and I have yet to record/submit a video… :upside_down_face:


This is so fantastic, Donna (my NYC roomie for a night :heart:️). What a delight to sing with you!


Woo Hoo, Donna!!! Finally! and so many Firsts for you being VC :smiley: :heart:


Welcome and enjoy it, a big hug from Florence :slight_smile:


First time this year! I am so glad my choir teacher told me about this! : )


Hello to everubody! :slight_smile: I am also for the first time in VC and I’m very exsciting about that! :smiley:


mine is too
I joined because
my parents are musicians but they don’t like music like they had in those old times.
So they didn’t support me being as a musician, now I’m a damn engineering student.
But I can’t live without music, thats why I need to be a part of this great love harmony.


This is my first time. Could have been in the last one but I took too long but I didn’t wanna make that mistake again lol. I’m glad to be a part of you guys


This is my first Virtual Choir :slight_smile:
I am a band director and not the greatest singer, but I could handle the music for this one.


Yes, it’s also my first time, I attend VC


This was first Vitual Choir, and loved it. Eric’s simple instructions and relaxed attitude were helpful. Reassurance in his words spoken also a plus, even though pre-recorded, I felt he meant them,. I was going through YouTube looking for music to challenge my self and learn a new song, and I saw Eric doing something I had never heard of before, Virtual choir! It brought me to tears, that was 2012. I said to myself then, “If I ever have the opportunity to sing in a vitual choir I will!” I put it out to the universe and forgot about it. Until June 23, 2018 Sunday, while listening to KMFA 89.5 in Austin Texas , I heard the announcer mention Virtual Choir and Eric’s name, a phone call to the radio station they had to look up the information with the web link, I had a few days to record and submit. Then with 7 of the 9 planets going retrograde, all our PCs we’re having issues. That part was stressful, 5 laptops and all were being affected by the planetary movement in space! You read it correctly, we are affected by movement out in space. They only workable device was my iPhone, and I was able to record and submit, aside from the technical issues, the Virtual Choir experience filled me joy and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Eric and your staff. U


Your story is inspiring! :slight_smile:
This is my first virtual choir too, but I admire the virtual choir since Lux Aurumque. :wink:


Hey :wink: Also my first time, and can’t wait to see how everything turns out!! :smile: Sending love from Slovenia <3


Hi everyone, I’m living in Leeds, England and I am so excited to take part in VC5, I love watching VC4 which is my favorite to date. I am a keen but not very confident singer. One year ago I would never hav thought about recording my voice or sing alone! I have come a long way since my singing teacher persuaded me to take my Grade 5 ABRSM exam last year. I managed to pass with 146/150 marks and got such lovely comments from the examiner and that really did boost my confidence so much.
Since then I have fell in love with singing - it makes me feel I can do anything!