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Texas! College students unite!


I’m a college student at UTSA and have been waiting YEEAAAARS to be part of a Virtual Choir. When the Virtual Youth Choir came out, I was too old :joy: Anyway, if any other Texas people saw Eric at TMEA, share your experience! It was like seeing a rockstar!!!


Hey man!

I goto Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Tx as a Music Ed major! I did see him at TMEA!! That was a lot honestly. The way they handed out the music was a mess. I did enjoy singing though! It was like seeing a rockstar, but I wish it was a little more organized. Still fun!


My name is Alexis! I’m a music education major as well at UTRGV Brownsville. I wasn’t able to go to TMEA this time unfortunately. Im sure it was out of this world to get the chance to see him live!


Hey, so I’m not a college student any more, but I went to Sam Houston State and I now live in San Antonio. I attended the TMEA session and thought it was very cool. I did not know the story of Sleep - how the words were originally the Robert Frost poem! I recorded the part of the session when the original words were sung. Super cool!