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Scientific Research Project: Music and Wellbeing


Have you completed the health questionnaires yet?

Interview with Dr. Daisy Fancourt and Eric:
More information about the study:
Complete the questionnaires in your profile:

Part 1 is open to all VC5 users however you need to have submitted a video to complete Part 2.

The deadline for completing the questionnaires is July 11, 2018.


I’m really interested in this aspect of VC5. It’s going to give a lot of interesting insight.


Yes I have finished both the questionnaires.


It will be interesting to see how the information is interpreted. There were some questions that would have been nice to be able to explain answers, but I suppose that would have taken forever to sort out the information. It’s hard to explain the impact VC has had on my life in the last 5 years just checking boxes. Still, I hope the information is helpful.


I completed the 1st part but wanted to complete part 2 of the questionnaire. I submitted 4 videos and did not have time when I was recording part 2 to do the survey. Is there any way I can get a link to part 2 questionnaire. I found the part 1 questionnaire very thought provoking and would love to see some of the questions for part 2.


Hi Mel!

Thanks for taking part in the first part of the questionnaire. You can access part two via your profile ( This research is truly important and we’re so grateful to you for being a part of it.

VC5 Producer


It is kind of tricky to find if you have to do it later. I finally found it, but it took a while. :grinning:


This was an interesting questionnaire, especially because I completed it right after I sang and submitted my videos (parts 1 and 2). I still had those singing endorphins coursing through my system! I wonder if my answers would differ if I answered the questions at a later time.


I have participated in three long form one to one interviews, along with questionnaires, between 2013-16 for three different research master thesis on Virtual Choir, technology, and community. Two were for universities in London and one in the US. Will be interesting to see what findings this research project will be! Where will they end up being published? :blush::musical_note:


Yes, it reminded me of a civil service psych exam. I see where they are trying to figure out what sort of person desires to participate in a virtual rather than a real choir. If there is a certain profile of the participants etc. I see where they are going with this, to see if isolated individuals are more drawn to the virtual choir instead of a living breathing one etc. Those of us who sing in or have always sung in real choirs may skew the results some since for us this is just a unique experience, which will not be a substitute for being in a real choir. Should be interesting to see the results.