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Meet the Choir. Why did you join Virtual Choir 5?


Hi everyone I am from Ontario, Canada and this is my first time signing up and actually being apart of this. For me I just wanted to try something different and outside my comfort range. I have been singing in a choir for many, many years so this will be a totally different experience!


Hello from Germany. I’ve been singing in choirs since my childhood even though I don’t like my solo voice very much :sweat_smile:. Years ago a friend had shown me Lux Aurumque which fascinated me from the beginning. I missed the last virtual choirs but some days ago I stumbled over a link to Virtual Choir 5 Deep Field - just right in time to join before the deadline. I’m really happy and looking forward to the final project.


That is a cool story, Salli! and so like Eric to take the time to greet a fellow VCer! :grinning::musical_note::star2: And HI!


And you recorded while once you had internet while traveling around the US! :smiley: Woo Hoo for singing together with Eric in NYC. Can’t wait to see you again next year!


Hi, I am from Germany and I took singing lessons for some years.
At the moment I am a member of a chamber choir, a church choir and I play in semi professional musicals. I am a mezzo soprano and music was always a part of my life and it’s a wonderful hobby.
Two years ago, I downloaded the karaoke Smule app and I am very pleased with the technical opportunities to record your music. I have met many people in virtual and in real life there.

It’s the first time I am part of virtual choir. I am not a rockstar regarding computer settings and honestly I had problems with the sound quality. I wanted to record Level 2 Alto and Soprano, but for some reason my soprano part sounded like a buzz saw :slight_smile: Maybe I try it today again for the last time.

Nevertheless, I am very curious how it will turn out at the end.


Jason Horner

Jason holds a Master of Music degree in Conducting from Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, a Master of Sacred Music degree with a focus in Choral Conducting from Luther Seminary and St. Olaf College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Jason M. Horner is active as a choral conductor, composer, and singer. He has worked extensively with professional, community, church, and youth choirs large and small in Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Florida, and in the Baltics.

Jason serves as Director of Music Ministries at St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Omaha, NE. Jason is the Artistic Choral Director of the Lincoln Choral Artists in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was artistic director of The Elizabethan Syngers, a renaissance ensemble that performs around the Minnesota Twin Cities metro area, as well as for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. He conducted the Music Association of Minnetonka Concert Choir, a 6th-8th grade girls’ ensemble and served as associate artistic director of the world renowned St. John’s Boys’ Choir in Collegeville, MN.

Jason has taught K-12 vocal music in both public and private schools in Minnesota and Indiana. He designed, developed, and taught curricula for music theory courses and a co-curricular course called “Garage Band.” He founded and was artistic director of the Fergus Falls Men’s Chorale.


Ever since I saw Lux Aurumque on TEDeX, I’ve always dreamed of becoming part of the virtual choir. I’ve been a member of our church choir since I was on my 3rd grade until I graduated from high school. We’ve done concerts of our own and mostly we sing acappella. Just reminiscing those days, always gives me that excitement and shiver to my soul. When I heard Eric Whitacre’s testimonies and some of his speaking engagements, I was so bent on joining. However, I only got to join the choir, 2 days before July 1, more than 5 years since I heard the virtual choir. And now I even posted on my facebook account that I’m finally a part of this global phenomenon. It’s amazing. And I’m so proud of it. Thank you for giving me this chance. Right when I received, Eric’s email, I jumped out of my seat and dropped everything and began to rehearse Deep field soprano notes. I can’t explain this joy in my heart right now. Thank you everyone. Truly an honor joining you all.


Eric Whitacre is my favourite modern day composer, but I’d only discovered his music about four years ago, and long wanted to be a part of one of his infamous virtual choirs, so imagine my excitement to see Deep Field announced! I’ve been singing my whole life, studying classical singing in college now, and am actually working on an audition to send in to possibly sing at the Sydney Opera House next year! I’m so happy that so many opportunities are available for all of these things, and I can’t wait to see how Deep Field sounds!


I have waited for this production since Eric came to Hong Kong two years ago. He used to say the next (which is this one) will be started in Spring 2017.

It is over a year later but i am still so excited to participate in this production!


I am curious. That’s my nature and I love to try new things.


Hi all

I fell in love with the music the very first time I heard Fly To Paradise. I so wished I had taken part in that one that I promised myself I would sing in the next project - and here I am.


Hi everyone! I’m Joanna from Red Creek, NY. I am an amateur singer. I finally got brave enough during my last semester of college to take voice lessons. Wish I had time to train with someone again, but I’m a teacher, so that takes up much of my free time. I first learned about Eric Whitacre in college (Bob Jones University) because our choirs would sing his pieces. I loveeeeeee his 5 Hebrew Love Songs. I learned about Virtual Choir when VC4 was released. Someone who I know of was given one of the solo parts in the video. I decided I wanted to try to be in a choir so I kept checking the website and signed up to be notified when it was time! I cannot wait to see the final product!


I also play flute though not very well!


Hi, this is my first VC! I saw the earlier virtual choirs and thought it was a great concept to join people from around the world in music. I have sung in choirs my entire life. I have a music therapy degree, a special education degree and a music education certification. I now teach elementary music in San Antonio, TX and have enjoyed singing with the San Antonio Symphony Mastersingers. Cheers!


Hi, I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. Last year our choir sang Whitacre’s Hallelujah, and that was my introduction to his artistry. I love this, It is different, cutting edge and a modern take on the sound of an old fashioned chorus. I will love to see how the technology mixes all of us in the end. It will be a nice Christmas present.


I signed up from an email I received from Eric’s website. I am from Sydney, Australia and I sing a mix of soprano, alto and tenor, but mainly sing soprano. I’ve never been a part of the virtual choir before, but have always wanted to join and be a part of it, so here I am :slight_smile:


Hi, My name is Anna, I am from Poland and I live in a small town near Warsaw. I am a local community choir singer. This is my first virtual choir adventure and I am very excited about this experience. I have been dreaming to take part in Eric’s project since I discovered his “Alleluia” and then his previous virtual choir compositions. I have quite a funny story with my submission I would like to share with you. Living in a hurry I have almost missed the submission time. A few days ago I received a reminder that time is running out and I got panic. I was in London and had no idea where I can find a proper place to record. My airbnb flat had no conditions to do it, so I knew I had to find a place somewhere in the city. On the 1st of July, the last day of submission, I finally found it on the staircase of one of vintage shops at Brick Lane :). I was so happy and proud of myself I did not give up! You can dream your life or live your dreams :). All the best to all of You. I am delighted to be a part of this project and cannot wait the result.


I watched the first Virtual Choir Video in my band class. It was captivating. I wanted to be in it. This past year, my college choir professor told me I’d be great taking part in it. I looked on the website and VC5 happened to be accepting videos. So I did it. I can’t wait to see the video!
I am a singer. I’m going to college for music. Not sure what I’ll do yet, but I’m thinking about working with special needs people through music or doing something with music and writing. I’m a hardcore first soprano and can hit a high E flat (above the staff). But yeah, I can’t wait to see how it turned out with everyone and I loved taking part in a big project!


Hello Elisabeth! I am retired from live performing. I write/record/produce in my basement studio. All is online for all to ignore. It’s all free. I was nudged into submitting for VC4. This time I just saw it and immediately did it. This is a fun project. I don’t know if I can get to Chicago for any meetups, but that does sound fun.


I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve sung most of my life, but not all that much publicly. I was in school plays and entered competitions as a teenager, but then didn’t really do much until I discovered Smule Sing, and now singing has become a big part of my life again. However, I’ve been sick for a while with a persistent cough, and haven’t been able to sing much. Nevertheless, I did my best to join this as I wanted to be part of it. I came across the magnificent video from the previous Virtual Choir, and decided I wanted in.