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Meet the Choir. Why did you join Virtual Choir 5?


Greetings! I live in Annapolis, Maryland on the shore of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. I was in Virtual Choir 4 (alto) and loved it. I’m back not just for more fun, but also because my brother was part of the team that fixed the Hubble’s vision. I’m very proud of him and very grateful for the wonderful way Eric is letting us all be part of honoring the team’s wonderful achievement and celebrating the universe the Hubble has opened up for us all. Aren’t we the fortunate ones to be living at this time!


Hi, my name is Jan and I am from the Netherlands.
I participated in VC4 and I liked that very much That was a whole new experience for me! I love singing and I sung for many years in a choir. Surely, I am no astronomer but I am interested in developments concerning space. My name is engraved on a chip that goes with the Insight probe to Mars. That probe will arrive in November. That’s more or less the period when the film of Deep Space will be published.
So for me two interesting events will take place at the end of this year!


Hi. I have always loved to hear Eric Whitacre’s music, but had no idea about the virtual choir and that anyone could join in. Then I was lucky enough to see Eric talk at a conference where I was presenting in Las Vegas - complete with a real-life choir. It was very inspiring and uplifting, and also interesting to learn about the technology that blends the performances together, and I promised myself that I would take part in the next Virtual Choir.

I must admit that, despite singing in choirs all my life, I found the combination of singing to ‘ooo’, finding a dark background, and seeing myself as I was recording, were all quite daunting. So I am not that pleased with what I submitted, but I have at least taken part in VC5!


G’day all! Johno from Sydney here. A long term Virtual Chorister, having joined the crew on #2. My eldest daughter is on VC 4 too, and my younger daughter joined in for the Virtual Children’s Choir at the Commonwealth Games. All three of us should be on board for VC5 if we can get our act together tomorrow night.


Hi There I am from Melbourne Australia. This is my first experience with the VC. I have always wanted to join and am gld to have done so. I have always sung since I was a child, sang in choirs for many years and some light Opera as well. I live out of the city and am too far for active participation now so this has been fun to try. Cant wait to see the finished piece


My name is Diane and I live in Minnesota. I’ve wanted to join ever since I heard Eric Whitacre talk about Sleep on Ted Talks a couple years ago. I liked his page and have been waiting for the opportunity to participate. I finally got my videos done last night. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this. I’m a private music teacher (woodwinds, piano, vocal) and am also a lever harpist.


Hi everyone!

I’m Anna, 18-years old soprano from Poland. This is the first VC I take part in and I am so excited!
One day my friend who was in the same choir I am send me a video of one of Eric’s pieces and it was amazing. Then I listened to other pieces and other and I found Virtual Choir. I immediately thought to myself that I need to take part in next one. So here I am :smiley: I can’t wait to see the final result <3


A glorious place! And when you sing with friends- it’s even more magical.


I signed up from the e-mail subscription that I’ve had for a while! I’ve been following the Eric’s music for a little under a decade and when these virtual choirs began, I thought it was genius. I am a vocalist and have been for a long time. I competed in high school and participated in all the productions I could (even as just a chorus member because I was an awful actor). I originally went to college for music education with an emphasis in voice but decided that teaching music wasn’t my thing. I’m selfish and just want to be a part of it! But I loved this virtual choir the most because while the music wasn’t nearly as demanding as previous ones, my major went from music to mathematics. So being able to see that Eric uses the Fibonacci sequence in his music made me so happy. All the extra content was fascinating and it put the music in its place.


I started to love Eric Whitacre in choir since we often tried to takle a few of his songs. The complex chords and heavy dissonance always dazzled me. When I found out he puts together virtual choirs, I thought it was literally the coolest thing! Not to brag, but I’ve had many awesome singing experiences such as singing in honors choirs around my area, singing with choirs on a tour all over Europe, and singing with a women’s chorus at Carnegie Hall in New York City. (Carnegie Hall is beautiful, if you get a chance to visit, do it) I’m even attending the Ohio State University in the fall for Vocal Performance. But, I was so excited to be apart of the virtual choir! It’s a whole new singing experience that allows me to connect with such awesome people that love music as much as I do! I joined VC5 to learn new and awesome music, while picking up some friends along the way!


I’m subscribed to Eric Whitacre’s Youtube Channel, (mostly to catch his other VC’s when they happen), so I saw ‘Virtual Choir 5’ and I was excited - then I realized that this was open to everyone, even those who are arguably not very good singers like myself, and I decided that I had nothing to lose, so I decided to participate!

Thank you Eric Whitacre for making this all possible, and good luck editing all of the videos together!


Hi! My name is Robert and I’m a 21 year old amateur singer/composer from Ohio. Eric is a big influence in my musical exploits and his music is one of the reasons I became so enamored with singing in middle school, which has led to an indescribable passion for it. Now I sing in as many groups as I can and write music in my spare time. When I was younger I learned about the virtual choirs and, after checking in every so often and realizing I had missed out on a few, I didnt want to miss another. So I signed up for the email list and, well, here I am! This is an amazing opportunity and I am honored to be a part of it!


Hello Robert!
Welcome to VC! an fyi, I noticed you on the Hall of Fame since I’m connected to your hexagon on your lower left. I hope you have had the chance to let Eric know that it was in middle school hearing and singing his music started that passion for you. I know this is an age that Eric is wanting to do more work/outreach. This would only add to validating how important it is to have music in schools.

There is also Virtual Choir Friends on FB where new independent from Eric virtual choirs will be announced by other members.

Continued success


I am here in sunny California. I am a first time participant and have been looking forward to this opportunity for quite some time. My 5th grade students are cheering me on to be a part of something grand and up lifting.


Hi Joe,
I was living in Chicago for VC 3 & 4, but now I’m northwest Indiana. There have been several VC meet ups in Chicago/Milwaukee area especially when Eric comes to town for a conference/workshop/concert. VC is a great community. Do you play/sing in Chicago?


I wonder if we can request being in the same part of the universe since we were in the same street for VC4! :smile: So you recorded the first day, and I ended up on the last day! LOL


Hi, I’m Ivan, from Santiago, Chile. I started in VC4 and it was a great experience. I have sung in choirs for the last 40 years (i’m 56 yr old now) . I met my wife in my first choir and we have sung together most of these years in the same choirs. None of us is a professional musician but singing in choirs has been a very important part of our lives. Currently both are part of the Coro Sinfonico de la Universidad Chile and I am part of other small ensemble right now.


Hi, I’m Laura-Ann. I’m 15 years old and I have been singing in choirs since I was 5 years old. I was part of a large youth choir where I got so many opportunities, including singing competitions and even being a part of a youth choral festival at Carnegie Hall. I love choir and how it feels like I am part of a team. I made such amazing friends there and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

However, I moved away last summer and I found in my new hometown, there was not a choir program. I really missed choir and singing. I started vocal lessons at a local music school. I was then introduced to Eric Whitacre, the first song I heard was Alleluia. It was so beautiful… and of course I started listening to all of his VCs and I got obsessed.

I signed up for his email list right away, and that’s how I’m here today. This is truly amazing… combing music with technology. I showed this to my tech-savvy uncle who also works with STEAM and he thinks it is ingenious. So so glad to have found this. It is incredible.


hi from Romania! i am not a singer :slight_smile: but since I discovered Eric and his virtual choirs I’ve been saying to myself that I have to try to take part in one. I’ve always thought that people can accomplish amazing things together, regardless of any cultural or any other kind of differences among them… thousands of people from all over the world coming together to make such an amazing work of art, simply fills my heart with love and gratitude and gives me so much hope for our species, as a whole, a species that is on a process of learning how to appreciate and respect each individual for what it is and as it is, and also its home planet, which supports and feeds us… thank you so much for this opportunity and thanks to all participants world wide


I’m in England but from California, Pennsylvania, USA. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. At Muskingum University we sang Lux Arumque in the Concert Choir, and that was my introduction to Eric Whitacre. After college, I stopped singing. It was too much pressure, I was too stressed, I had brain fog and couldn’t remember the words to anything which was downright embarrassing. But when the spirit says sing, you gotta sing right along, so I started looking for ways to sing that wouldn’t be scary. With a few other American military spouses, I started the Tri-Base Choral Society with no accompanist and no real conductor (but we have enthusiasm!), and I’m trying to live by example by taking advantage of the interesting musical opportunities I encourage my singing friends to explore.