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Meet the Choir. Why did you join Virtual Choir 5?


HEY IM SADIE! or Mercedez,19, Christian, I’m from Visalia California(aka the farm part), I’m a big Queen Fan, I love all things Choir! I literally look up Pieces and study them for fun, I have four years experience chorally due to high school but I’ve been studying more and more for the past two years! So when I found out a virtual choir was actually a thing I promised myself that I would join! so this is my first Virtual Choir and I could never be more exited! Virtual Choir makes me feel accomplished and assured that I belong to something bigger than myself. Thanks Eric for creating this amazing project I myself genuinely appreciate it!
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have a blessed day yall !!!:hugs:


Greetings fellow singers!
I am a Sop2 from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been singing in choirs since grade school. Most recently I’ve been performing with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir… just finishing up season #2 next week with Beethoven’s 9th.
We’ve performed a couple of Eric’s beautiful pieces in the last 2 seasons, and I started following him on facebook and twitter, which is how I heard about VC5. Very excited to be a part of this and looking forward to the finished product!


Hello. I’m Cathleen, a 1st Soprano (dramatic coloratura/spinto) living in Fairfield, PA. I’ve sung in choruses of various kinds, opera, symphonies, and solo for a lot of years off and on since I was 9, but the opportunities in the area where I live now are very limited to non-existent for really good choral music. So I am so excited about joining Virtual Choir!!! I am a cantor and a priestess in my temple, singing mostly ethnomusicological pieces and have also been a choral music director in several choirs and I started teaching voice. About a year and a half ago, I started training again in singing opera and art songs after a number of abdominal surgeries, and I gave a solo recital in May. It is such a victory to be strong enough again to sing difficult dramatic coloratura music!
On the horizon is solo and choral singing in Germany and solo recitals in England. And I have recently been cast in Don Giovanni, if that project happens. My favorite dead composer is Debussy and the living composers music I enjoy singing most are Ned Rorem and Morten Lauridsen. I am just getting to know Eric Whitacre’s music, and I love it! Very excited to sing with you all!!!


My name is Orly C and I am a singer and Mommy vlogger on YT . I do all things mommy, makeup, Media on my channel. I was a part of Eric’s World Of Color choir at disneyland and absolutely loved it.( even got a special Disney pin). Lol. I love everything Eric stands for, shares with others like myself who are sooo passionate about music and this project sounds so amazing. Recording my video tomorrow.

If you want to join the Diva family and are a singer, mommy, vlogger:


I joined because i love music and i absolutely adore Eric Whitacre. I love the concept of being a part of something that’s more than just notes on a screen means so much to me. i can already tell this is going to be my favorite virtual choir


Well, this is my first Virtual Choir experience! I joined this because it’s a great opportunity to train my voice and to be a part of something grand as Deep Space! This isn’t the only online music project I participate in, but this is one of the best ones!


Hallo, I’m Annemie from Belgium. Hopelijk zijn er nog wat Vlaamse VC-zangers!
I particitated allready in VC3 and VC4 and I like to sing this beautiful music.
At this moment, it’s the only way i can sing.
Thanks for this opportunity!
Thanks to my friends in VC!
Thanks to Eric Whitacre!
Your ‘flemish choir geek’


Hello Elisabeth,
my friend at the other end of the ocean!


wish you all the best from the other side of the ocean!


Hallo voor alle Belgische, Vlaamse deelnemers aan VC5!
Het is een fijne wijze om samen te zingen! Veel plezier ermee!

Hopelijk komen er meer zangers bij!

It gives so much joy to sing with Eric Whitacre. I had the opportunity to sing with him in Koblenz and also last year in Brussel.
Each year he visits our small country and gives concerts with the Flemish Radiochoir.
My ticket for 2019 (with the Brussels Philharmonic - my niece is playing the viola in the orchestra) is allready here!
So, next year … Deep Field… in Brussel!



Hey! I’m Amelia from HK, and I’m a soprano 1 in our school choir. Our choir teacher showed us VC2, and I thought it was cool so I joined :blush: This is my first VC I’ve been a part of.


Kirsty, I figured there was a more bonding and support with that choir compared to community and church choirs. Even though in VirtualChoir we don’t sing in person, we support each other beyond the project and have become family. I thought that would be the same with your choir. Ah singing at Carnegie is magical. Sang there this past April with Eric. :smiley::musical_note:


Annemie!!! One day we will sing in person! :smiley:


I signed up because I remember hearing the virtual choir years ago and loved the sound of the chorus. It reminded me of the times I sang in my high school choir. A friend of mine posted a link about Deep Field on Facebook. I am ecstatic to be a part of a community that loves making music.


Hello all! My name is Hallie-Blair Quatro, and I’m a soprano and fellow choir nerd from Lookout Mountain, GA (a bit hard to locate on the map, but just look for Atl). I love to sing and discovered the unique joys and community of choir my senior year of high school, when I joined our school (Chattanooga Christian’s) choral ensemble. I was completely hooked, and hope to never stop singing in choral groups.
I am currently a rising sophomore at Covenant College up on Lookout, and couldn’t be more excited about VC5, and its connection to the telescope.
I am so passionate and intrigued about the way that music and choral compositions can become a language, and create images or meaning. I’ve been blown away by Eric’s work over the past couple of years, my only regret being that I didn’t discover his music sooner.
There is something deeply mysterious and wonderful about the way that different harmonies come together, and for me this idea of a virtual choir reflects that so clearly–so many thousands of strangers, yet we are all drawn by the same thing: the language of music.


Gene, you were such a huge and positive part of VC4. Glad to be able to say I met you there – and irl too!!

And E, I was missing the connection part of VC too. Happy to see a forum has been created for that.


I joined because I wanted to be part of something big as I have viewed Mr. Whitacre’s videos in the past and how spectacular they were. I was a choir teacher in TEXAS and have many choir director friends. I saw the video posted from my good friend Janwin Overstreet Goode from TMEA all state choir where Mr. Whitacre directed that awesome choir. It was simply transforming! I used to live by NASA in Houston and have several friends working with NASA - I was fortunate enough to get to see the new James Webb Space Telescope in person and was in awe of the complexity of the telescope - the many man hours just to run a test and the possibilities of seeing parts of space we have never seen before! I am in Hoover, AL and my mother and I did this project together as she is 74 and needed technical help. It was super fun and I cannot wait until we see the final project.


Hi there! I’m Synne, a 40 years young soprano living in the Norwegian mountains (you might have heard about Bergen and Oslo and I live at the rail track between those two cities). I accidentally found Melody Myers’ recording of Lux Aurumque on YouTube some years ago. Wow. And there was something called Virtual Choir? With an extremely handsome composer and director called Eric Whitacre? I was too late for VC2 but became part of VC3 and VC4. So much fun! I’ve been on the email list and Facebook group since.
After VC4 I met Elisabeth in person in Chicago, with my sister! Woo hoo!

I’ve been singing my whole life, first as part of my musically inclined family and then in several singing groups and choirs, mostly mixed voices. Now I’m part of a women’s choir, a new experience for me! I’ve mostly sung musicals or more traditional songs, but luckily I’ve also got the chance to try rhythmic vocal music and even pop ballads. I love the Swedish a capella group The Real Group :smile:

Nice to “meet” you all here! Looking so much forward to the result of our struggles :wink:


I saw the video for “Fly to Paradise” and knew I wanted to get involved! I love singing and playing music. Being in a Virtual Choir is a new experience for me, so I’m not sure what to expect personally. :slight_smile:


Hi Synne – The Real Group is phenomenal!