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Meet the Choir. Why did you join Virtual Choir 5?


I’m singing in VC5 because Eric said so! LOL
Ok, I’m Elisabeth (a 57 yr old alto) who is currently living in Valparaiso, Indiana via living in Los Angeles area until 12 years ago. I’ve been singing in choirs most of life as my mom was a church organist and choir director. I missed out on VC2 by one day. Sang in VC3, 4, Disney Honor Choir, and many other “non eric affiliated” virtual choirs. I was able to sing with Eric in NYC in 2014 and 2018. Highly recommend any opportunity to sing with Eric, attend a workshop, or watch Eric conducting a concert. It’s a master class in conducting and choral singing. I have met so many of the Virtual Choir community in person with so many more to meet.

Virtual Choir is the most supportive nonjudgemental community I have ever been a part of. I started singing in VC because it filled a void for me since I was then living in Chicago without a choir to participate. I’m forever grateful for stumbling upon VC in 2011 and the friends who have become a part of my family. Now we can all be up in the universe for eternity! Woo Hoo! :star2::star: :blush::musical_note::star::star2:


I remember you from the forums in VC4. Hi!


Hi Ya’ll!
I am Diana, and I have sung in choirs in Rochester NY and Sarasota Florida.
I tried out for Eric Whitacre’s “Glow” the world of color for Disney, and was disappointed I was not one of the chosen ones for that piece.
I joined this years Virtual choir for a very special reason. My father Charles worked for Eastman Kodak Company for 40 years (he is now deceased)
My dad worked on the back-up mirror for the Hubble Telescope after Kodaks Apparatus Division won a NASA contract to create the back-up optical mirror
I am very familiar with the struggles NASA had with the launch of the Hubble, and the defective mirror that was used, made by another company, but not discovered until after launch!
It turned out the back up mirror made my Kodak ended up being optically superior in many ways, but it was not cost effective and too risky to bring the telescope back down to Earth to switch them out.
My father was proud of that back up mirror, which is now displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
I can hear the struggles in the music created by Eric Whitacre with this musical work. I want to be a part of Virtual choir 5, in honor of my dad.


My best friend was involved in previous Virtual Choirs and shared Eric’s music with me. She encouraged me, and I’m thrilled to join VC5! I’m a music teacher, and I’ve been playing piano, playing flute, and singing since I was young. I’ve also always been fascinated by astronomy. Excited to be a part of something that brings two of my passions together!


Any other deaf or hearing impaired choir members? I can’t hear live or recorded music anymore but can hear a single loud piano line which made this project perfect! I have my degree in early keyboard performance (harpsichord) and miss singing in the symphony choir but the deafness has set in too much. I found this was something I could do quite easily even with severe hearing impairment. Anyone else? Interested to “hear” :wink: I wish the scientific research questionnaire didn’t make huge assumptions of zero impairments or I would have completed it. It’s completely moot to fill it out as an hoh individual. Such an amazing project tho and so excited!!


I’ve been with the choir for 6 years. I’ve dabbled in one off performances with other groups which has been more for experience of different music. The choir I sing with are like family, we all enjoy singing of course but we ultimately support each other through every aspect of life which lifts us all. We’ve shared many fantastic memories too including singing in Carnegie Hall back in 2016 which was just our if this World. :grin::notes:


I am functionally deaf and wear hearing aids!


I was in VC2 (Sleep) several years ago and intended at the time to follow up with subsequent Virtual Choirs but somehow never got around to it until now. I am from Northern Ireland in the UK and have been in choirs for many years, mainly choirs that specialize in the repertoire of Anglican Choral Evensong.


Hello Chris,

I am not deaf, but I was born with mild/moderate hearing loss and wear hearing aids! I’m glad that you’re able to participate in VC5. It’s just another example of how deaf and hearing impaired individuals are able to do what they desire to do! :slight_smile:




Just stopping to say hello! :slight_smile:



Thank you, Elisabeth. I’ve done that and will see what happens.

Best wishes,


Hi Everyone!

Jami from Shoreline, WA here. I did the Glow Honor Choir a few years back and thought it was magical. But I still haven’t found my snowflake, darn it! I was on the email list and got the notice that Deep Field was happening.

I mostly sing Barbershop, and I love it because the altos get the melody, and we get to do some crazy stuff sometimes. My profile pic is from my chorus’ performance where we were all dressed as villains. Any other Sweet Adelines out there? Any future Sweet Adelines?


Hey, I know you. :smile:


When trying to record on the laptop, in the screen where it asks for you to connect to the camera, in the upper right hand corner of that screen is a gear symbol click on that and then at the bottom of the screen it will ask you what camera you want to use. It should list your laptop camera and mic. Click on those and save the changes. I don’t know if you did that, but if not it could be your problem. Also you need to be running the Chrome Browser. Hope that helps. I’m sure the support team will get back to you very soon if they haven’t already too. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’m a 16-year-old going into my senior year of high school, and my fifth year of chorus. I’ve been in my high school’s chorus all 6 semesters, and in chambers singers for 2 semesters. Choral music has always been such a big interest of mine; I was completely stoked when I saw the VC5 and was equally excited to join. I have yet to send in my video (team procrastination :sweat_smile:) but am looking forward to seeing all this come together. Warm greetings to you all!


I signed up from Canada :smiley: ! I am not a singer by nature noooo! My main instrument is trumpet for the past almost 13 years! I also play a wide variety of other band instruments as I am working towards my bachelor of music in university.


I adore you Elisabeth!


Hello everyone, I am Corey from Hong Kong. I have been participated in VC4 before and had sung numbers of Eric’s songs in local choirs.
The most valuable experience should be singing under Eric’s baton (although he didn’t use a baton :P) 2 years ago. We also sang deep field at that time with orchestra and the use of mobile phone apps! Look forward to this new version!!!


I took part in the World of Color Honor Choir my freshman year of college, and it was one of the first times I could REALLY feel like I was contributing to something larger than myself - music is always something that brings people together, especially in divisive times. I knew I had to take the chance again when it came up, and I think I actually squealed when Eric announced VC5! I’m so thrilled to be sharing in this with all of you!


Hey, I’m a flutist! Hi, fellow instrumentalist! :slight_smile: