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High-School Music Departments!



I’m an upcoming junior in high school, and I was wondering about how any other students’ music departments are in their school! Is anyone in show choir, theory, any from of band, Allstate, etc? Funding is also a huge issue, so how is that? I’m also curious to just meet some other younger members of this choir, so just getting to know anyone would be pretty rad.

Thank ya!



I’m also going to become a junior in high school! At my school, I am a part of the top orchestra and the top choir group. The music department at my school is somewhat large, but is definitely underfunded. The entire choir department holds a ‘beginning of the school year fund-raiser’ so that we can actually pay for the musical and our spring show, which is kind of like a musical but only for students in the choir department. Our orchestra department has problems going to any type of contest or competition or clinicians.

Cool to meet ya!