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Fun For The Whole Family!


Both of my daughters and I are proud and excited to be a part of the Virtual Choir! We had a wonderful time together recording and uploading our videos and we are very much looking forward to the final product!

Thanks to Eric and everyone for this great opportunity!

Rob, Samantha, and Melody Strupe
Lexington NC, USA


Great to read about your positive experience :slight_smile:


My daughter and I just completed our submissions today! This is my fourth Virtual Choir, and her first. I’m so glad we got this opportunity to participate in this together.

Ted and Elena Rodenborn
Pepper Pike, OH


Hello, I also enjoyed to be a part of this project with my Kids, my son und daughter made it for a second time and we were having fun at recording our videos. It was a really nice experience und wenn you share this with your kids it is a wonderfull experience. Nothing is better than making music together.
Thanks to Eric and everyone for this great opportunity!

Greetings from Germany,

Corina and Kids :slight_smile: