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We strive to make sure our Virtual Choirs can connect singers from all over the world and Virtual Choir 5: Deep Field aims to reach the widest audience yet. However, creating the Virtual Choir and the Deep Field film is an expensive undertaking and we rely on financial support from a number of sponsors and donors.

We would like to invite you to support the Virtual Choir and the Deep Field film to help us achieve the project’s goals. We gratefully welcome donations of any size and your generous support will go towards covering the costs of the project.


If you would like to make a donation of $1,000 or above, please donate through our nonprofit fiscal sponsor for the Deep Field project, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).



Anyone else having a problem checking out? I filled in the form and opted for PayPal, but I can’t check out from there. I don’t see any errors on the screen. What have I done wrong?


Hi Bob,

Thank you for supporting Virtual Choir 5. It means a lot as it enables us to make it possible!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’ve just checked this and it’s functioning on my end. Has this error happened more than once? Once you’ve completed the three fields with green ticks, selected Paypal and accepted the T&Cs, the button should go orange and be activated.

Many thanks,

VC5 Producer


OK, I’ll give it another shot.:crossed_fingers:


Thanks Bob. If you’re having any issues, shoot me and email and I can sort it out with MusicGlue who operate the shop.

VC5 Producer


Nope, getting the same error. I’ll try another computer.


We’re on the case!


Hi Bob,

This issue has now been resolved. You will need to complete your address and accept the terms and conditions, then you should be able to click through to enter your PayPal details.

Thank you again for letting us know, and for your support!

VC5 Support Team


I tried again and got the same problems. A bit of intuition struck me, and I turned off my ad blocker, and voila, the box lit up orange and let me check out. This is something you might want to pass on to other would-be contributors.