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Do we have any Band Nerds here?


High school I played percussion. Much later picked up learning the ukele.


Yes! I play clarinet in a community band of music teachers and play in the premier band for my city :slight_smile:


YES! Been in band since sixth grade. I play the flute. I’m a college junior now. Still playing the flute. Went to honors band twice in high school and got the John Phillip Sousa Award. I love marching band above all else. I loved being a section leader, but now I stick to only marching in community band for one day out of summer because college doesn’t have a marching band. I love pep band too! Even though I play flute, singing is my main thing and I am better at singing.


Drum corps nerd here! Marched 2 seasons of Phantom Regiment and a season with Colts


Band Director and Drum Corps Alumni here!


Horns Unite!


Been playing clarinet for 10 years so I’d say so haha :slight_smile:


Yes. I guess you could call me a full cross over kid since I’m in my local orchestra, and my schools marching/concert band, jazz band, and madrigals. I play piano, violin/mandolin, trumpet/flugelhorn, and oboe. I first really got involved in choir last year during a choir trip to Disneyland. You had to sing to go on the trip and so I did. While we practiced and performed, I had fun and I didn’t know that I would ever get a solo! I got the tenor solo in Baba Yetu and enjoyed singing at places like Disneyland, bubba gumps shrimp co in la, and at universal studios. I’ve played piano for 11 years, violin for 8 years, trumpet for 5 years, and oboe for 2 months.


I play french horn and percussion with the West Hawai’i County Band on the Big Island of Hawai’i and started 3 different community bands in Alaska. Does that make me a band nerd : )

So let’s get serious, are we talking a Virtual Band? Could be fun…


I play trumpet in community band. I have training in voice and also played French horn once upon a time. Virtual band would be incredible!


Band and choir fam lets gooo!!!


I’ve been playing trumpet for almost 9 years now in school and university. I’m petite, so everyone thought I should play flute but I have always loved the powerful yet sweet sound of the trumpet so here I am. I’ve also sang soprano all my life.