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Do we have any Band Nerds here?


Yea I play flute and piccolo in the Army National Guard


Kinda random question but would anyone be down to ask Eric to do a virtual band? Like the virtual choirs but with band instruments playing one of his songs instead :smiley: :trumpet::saxophone:

P.S. I’m a tuba player who is also attempting to learn the alto sax


I would be surprised if there weren’t any band nerds! I went to college for music education and my principal instrument is clarinet. I was a band director previously, but now teach private lessons. I’m also a part of a community band.


Yes! My major instrument is saxophone, but I love to sing. I’m a music educator and I teach middle school band, choir and general music. I couldn’t pass up this wonderful opportunity to be a part of VC5.


Perrcussion and choir since 11


I played in percussion all throughout middle and high school and marched bass drum in marching band!!


Yup! Was in the band in middle school, high school, college, the Army, the Army Reserves, college (again), and in some random bands. Lots of trumpet, horn, and trombone with a polite smattering of fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass, horn, trombone, keyboard, nose flute, and others.


Yup! I play flute, picc and ukulele
I’m actually going to college for Music this fall!


Of course! I played the alto sax in high school! I also was the Field Commander my senior year! I played the sax since fifth grade!


Been playing Alto Saxophone for 8 years, now; I’m presently pretty into Jazz.


Absolutely! I play trumpet and am in the audition process for my university’s collegiant band😊


Yes! I’m originally a flute player - I teach all kinds of music now but band will always have a special place in my heart


Trumpet player here. I am also a band director.


Yes! French Horn in the Pensacola Bay Concert Band!


Hi! I’m actually a Band Director, so that’s about as big of a band nerd as you can get! =^)


Clarinetist and middle school band director :smile:


Band director from Folks MS in San Antonio, TX


I play flute and piccolo in the Razorback Marching Band


Yep! I play clarinet in 3 community bands and am planning on auditioning for a service band in the next year or so. Just have 25 more pounds to go


Yes. I play trombone and am currently working on a DMA in Wind Band Conducting.