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Do we have any Band Nerds here?


We know the Virtual Choir Community is full of Choir Geeks but do we have any Band Nerds here?


Yes, there are! I play trumpet in two community bands and one community orchestra in Rhode Island.


Orchestra nerd here


I am a percussionist and voice major, did drumline in high school and now i teach it.


Another one here. I’m a Trombone performance major at Oberlin who likes to sing.


Started Orchestra (cello), then moved to voice (Tenor), then was convinced to join the band! (Percussion, trumpet, trombone). Next step is to be up front as a conductor :smile:


Principal Clarinetist so yeah, more of a band/orchestra nerd than a singer but I can find the pitch! :wink:


I’m a bassoonist but used to be a brass band euphonium and baritone player many years ago.


Yes! I play trumpet now for the last 13 years :smiley: ! Almost done my university bachelor of music program and currently playing in a community wind band this summer.


Right here!! Currently working towards a Master’s in Flute Performance, but I also took three semesters of voice lessons in college, and I’ve been singing my entire life.


Big band nerd here! I play flute and piccolo in two community bands and two orchestras, and most of my travel (since Middle School) has been with musical groups.


Right here! I’m primarily a trumpet player, and I’ve been playing for around 10 years in different concert bands, jazz bands, our local marching band, and a nearby drum and bugle corps. I also have experience singing bass in a choir, thus I’m here. However, my focus lately has been on composing music for concert and marching bands, so that makes me extra nerdy, I suppose. :wink:


i played trumpet for five years and then picked up horn and played that for four years. i’m not much of a singer (in my opinion) but i’m a huge fan of Eric’s so i had to try this out!


Yes! Played for over 40 years. A Tenor Horn player currently on Bb Cornet in a Brass Band.


Along with various choirs at times, regularly 2 community bands (1 horn 1 tuba), 2 orchestras (1 horn 1 tuba). And nearing completion of a BA Music. Unfortunately days are only 24 hours long and only 7 of them in a week.


Band, orchestra, and ensemble. I play mostly percussion in these things.

  • High School Band: Xylophone, Recorder (which sounds AMAZINGLY HAUNTING when playing “Phantom of the Opera”), Guitar
  • College Marching Band: Cymbals, Orchestra Pit, Bass Drum 1
  • College Wind Ensemble: Percussion, Handbell Choir
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Jazz Band: Piano, Keyboard Bass

Also tried my hand at violin, bass (electric & upright), flute, lap harp, trumpet, and trombone (the last two were disastrous! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing::grimacing::upside_down_face:

Also a choir nerd: Soprano 1/Descant, Soprano 2/Descant, Alto.

And a Music Theatre Nerd.


Yes play classical piano. also play guitar - (strum it mostly!) and sing in choirs


Concert band trombonist and percussionist here. I also do guitar in my school’s jazz band and keyboard in pit orchestra.


Oregon State University Senior here in Percussion. Hopefully getting my Music degree this summer, Go Beavs! I was too afraid to join VC4 so I am glad I joined in finally! So excited to hear/see the final project! I love all the different modules of learning, earning badges, etc. I joined choir in high school because of a girl and was grateful for the opportunity to continue singing with the Oregon State University Meistersingers. Thanks all for a community where I feel I can belong.


Definitely! I’ve always been in a choir, but I’m usually also in an orchestra (flute) and help sub for a few other woodwinds when needed. Lately I’ve been playing more in a band (playing guitar along with a bass, drums etc), which is super fun too! I have some moderate ability in a few other instruments too, but mostly they’re just for my own enjoyment.