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Death of one of the Virtual Choirs Participants


With heavy heart, my Dear Friend and choir member who took part this year. Sang with me in Choir, worked with me at our retirement job and also went to the big sing has died. He was murdered. Because he was looking forward to seeing this come to fruition this year, I wish to dedicate my part in this as well to him.
Michael Downie. Love you choir bro…Because of you I will continue to sing and hope this beautiful Virtual Piece is everything you ever dreamed of. I look forward to seeing you sing when this comes together…
Rest Peacefully knowing how much you were loved by your family and friends.



Such heart-breaking news. We (Eric, Claire and Meg) have Michael, his friends and family in our hearts and minds. No doubt all of us in the Virtual Choir community will take a moment to reflect on Michael’s sad passing, and celebrate life. Hugs to you, Sandy.


thank you, I know when this comes out, I will be looking for him in the video…as of right now it is all so unreal to us. Thank You again


I’m so very sorry for your loss, Sandy. What a horrible situation.

I’m glad your friend Michael will be remembered forever as part of the heavenly choir in this beautiful film.


Oh my God! :pensativo:


we sing for him