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Any online-karaoke singers here?


Hello together,

it’s my first time in a virtual choir of Eric Whitacre, but I loved to sing together with worldwide friends before via online karaoke - the Smule-community in my case. Do we have more Smulers here? I’d love to get in contact.



Omg I have sung on smule before. I need to get back on and Sing!


This is a thing? You learn something every day.


BMusic Yes, that would be great! It’s still a nice, friendly and talented community there. I told some Smule friends about the virtual choir - let’s see, who will join in :slight_smile:


Yes, I am also a “Smulian”. If you like to find me, my smule ID is:


Yep, I am still in smule. It’s awesome to sing with people worldwide
Smule and line ID: @astrid3angel


I’m a Smulian too. Love the app. Smule ID: @SarahsStar


Yay - I found you :smiley::+1:


And I found you as well :slight_smile:


@FrodoFan1 I found you and sang a song with you. It’s close to midnight and might be a bit late for Whitney Houston, but song will be up tomorrow. So I took the first take :slight_smile:
See you.


Hello - I am on Smule too! Love it! WCE_foreverthing :blush: I fact I found doing my virtual choir video a bit frustrating because I couldn’t get good quality of sound or video but on Smule it’s amazing.


I own my own kareoke system use it often. I also use it when family visits for sing-offs!


Yes, that’s what I thought - I think we are spoiled by the easy-to-use-with-quality of the Smule system :grin:


I’m a Smuler - I posted about this on Facebook to see if others would pop up. I’m spersephone. I don’t always get on there though, haven’t for a while.


Same happened to me. It’s so easy to get a perfect video on smule. But I had much difficulties here to attend. I think I could have sound much better in real but hope, they can use something from my recording. No idea. I


so true, totally agree


Yes I’m on Smule. I love it. Singing with folks from around the world.